For Sale – New XJ-SC 3.6 stainless steel exhaust

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      Ben Thomson

        Hello everyone,

        My name is Ben, I am new to the forum. I run a company called Simply Performance which was originally founded by my father in 1984. We have been doing Jaguar parts here since 1997 and exhaust systems for the XJS since then.

        We manufacture a stainless steel exhaust system for the XJS V12 and soon to have stock for 3.6 and 4.0 AJ6. Ours is modeled on light performance. The full system is made from 304 stainless steel here in the UK. It is made to an OE specification so it uses standard Jaguar fittings. It is fully compatible with original Jaguar parts i.e. you can fit every part individually within your current system. The rear tips are hand made, modeled on the original ones but a larger diameter. They offer a slightly more performance look.

        The system is one of the more premium systems available. Please let me know if you need more information.


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          Hi Ben

          Can you give me a quote for my 1986 XJ-SC manual which includes the front down pipes, all fittings, vat and delivery costs.

          One of my concerns is that I do not want to end up with a tinny resonance, so can you advise about this on your system.  Have you got any time scale for availability for a system for my car?



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          Gerard Harings

            …..ehm you also make tubelar magnefolds….???


            Want to go down the ring, but without tuning …a manifold give’s some extra air…


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            Ben Thomson

              Hi Alan,


              Thanks for the message. We are in the process of finalising the system. We have been doing exhaust parts for nearly 20 years. We always made centre box deletes for the V12 and in the early days my father made full E Type stainless steel exhausts. A few years back we started doing over axles and then rear boxes and from then we ended up with the whole set for the XJS V12. For the XJS 3.6 and 4.0 it is the front sections are different. The over axles and rear boxes will be the same as the ones we supply for the V12. We are waiting for the first batch to come back from our manufacturers. It looks like it will be ready over the next week or 2. We have centre box deletes for the 3.6 system if you are looking for a bolt on modification to enhance the sound.

              Sound is always such a difficult one. Everyone’s prefered exhaust note is different. You can get a tinny resonating noise from some stainless systems. I would like to say ours do not do that. Ours are made all in 304 stainless steel hand made here in the UK. We have been using the same supplier for over 15 years and they do a very nice job. The exhausts we have been developing offer a deeper note on idle, you get a rasp under acceleration and they have all been designed to avoid a droning noise where possible. Our V12 system has been very successful and you can drive at all speeds and have a conversation. The 3.6 and 4.0 is similar.

              Gerard we are in the process of doing tubular manifolds, the market is slim for these and there are pros and cons of going tubular but towards the end of this year we hope to have them in stock.

              All our system are made to the highest quality and compared to most other systems available you can instantly notice that.


              Please let me know if anyone else needs more information. Prices are under development because of the last parts of the batch arriving but the full system with all the fitting kit, olives, gaskets and stainless fixing bolts will likely be in the region of £800-900 exc VAT. If you are a member of the XJS Soft Top club we may be able to offer some initial discounts.

              I hope that answers everyone’s questions suitability.





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