Erratic fuel level readings

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      Stig Moltu-Jacobsen

        Hi! Does anyone have erratic fuel level readings? On my 3.6 XJ-SC the sender is acting up, showing much too low fuel level. Can it be repaired? If I need to replace it, I believe SNG Barratt have the senders, which seem to be the same as on the coupé, even if the fuel tanks are different.

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        Norman Thomas

          Hi Stig,
          My car (same as yours) is just the same – the gauge reads too low and never goes to “full” when the tank is filled to the brim – rather than messing around, why not live with it? You know the size of the tank, you know the fuel consumption (typically and in Imperial units – 15 gall tank, 20 mpg = 300 ml range). I’ve driven about 120km with the low level warning on the dash but keep a petrol can in the boot just in case!

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          Stig Moltu-Jacobsen

            Hi Norman!
            Thanks for your reply. I’ve thought the same, but I’ll still check if SNG Barratt have got new senders in stock. I understand the tank, inc the sender unit, is easily accessible behind the spare wheel and some bracing.

            In my case the dash warning light seems to light up long after the gauge shows ’empty’. Somehow they don’t seem to be synchronized, which is good under the circumstances I guess. Is it the same with yours?

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              Check your part number in Jag Parts Catalouge as on my 1987 Cab it is different to std coupe. I bought a replacement last year direct from Jag Main Dealer £52 from memory. Have a look on Jag Heritage Parts.
              Mine was really gummed up with ‘varnish’ and showed full, tried to repair but couldn’t so replaced with genuine Jag part, reasonable price – some things are!

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              Martin Ball

                Guys, I have fixed this problem with my XJSC. In my case, the float was partially filled with fuel and therefore reading low. If you take out the sender unit and unclip the float give it shake and it you hear fluid there your problem. I had this problem with a Mini Moke a long time ago and believe it or not the XJSC plastic float is the same as a mini. I thought it looked similar when I took it out of the jag. Ordered a new one from ebay, inexpensive, and very quick fix. Hope yours is that simple. Regards

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