Battery replacement for XJS

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      Rod Taverner

        I have three cabriolets in varying stages of readiness, two 1985’s and a 1988.  The one which is days away from returning to the road requires a battery (as will the others in due course).  I have gone to a number of battery sites and their recommendations are not correct as far as I can see.  I’ve tried Bosch, but the base has to be shaved to fit the battery box.

        I’m sure many others have faced this issue and found a solution.  It must be a vented battery and I’d prefer flat-top to DIN.

        Does someone have a solution, other than a bodge-fit?

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          I have replaced mine with a sealed battery, and as far as I am aware the new ones are made up differently, so no vent pipe needed.  As for size there are sites on the internet that give the overal measurements of the battery.  In my case I just searched for “ battery for a 1986 Jaguar XJ-SC”.  The only alteration I had to do is to file down each one of the electrodes to get a better connection.



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          Rod Taverner

            Alan, I’ve done internet searches as you have suggested chasing something similar to the original Lucas fitments, perhaps for no other reason than that I want to find something similar to the original Lucas fitment!  The ’85’s have a narrower battery tray than the ’88 so they are less tolerant of the base hold-downs of modern batteries.  Not a problem to shave them off, because the goal is to be able to start the car so it doesn’t really matter.

            As for the venting, I’m reluctant to use non-vented batteries.  If General Motors still vent batteries that are installed in the boot of their larger cars then I’ll take that as a hint to continue the practice.

            Your comment is appreciated, though.  I guess I’ll fussiness back where it belongs – in the not important basket.

            Thanks, Rod.

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