Bank Holiday Weekend Isle of Man

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      Jon Scales

        We promised the children that we take them to see some Super Cars up at the Jurby Motor Museum here in the Isle of Man. Drove up in the SC to be invited to park along with the other Super cars….

        A rose between two thorns spring to mind;

        Photo 634

        But there were a number of other nice Jags….including the below

        Photo 635


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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Jon,

          Good to see you’re having getting out and about in the car 🙂


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          Mark Thorley

            Modern Supercars are definitely Super in their own way however I’d take the Cabriolet every day, just look at it sat there between those, looks stunning! And look how small the Cabriolet looks in comparison, just goes to show how elegant they are

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