Reply To: Welcome new Cabriolet Member – Alan Tew


    Many thanks for your welcome message. It was always a desire to own an XJS, so now that i am retired I purchased 1 about 2yrs ago. I have been involved in a restoration of a Morris Minor and a Landrover Defender but they did not give the driving experience that my manual XJ-SC gives me. When I first drove my this car I was concerned about the steering and some suspension noise, but on inspection I could see that the issues were obvious.
    With regards to the steering the tyres showed that the tracking was way out. (New tyres and track rod ends sorted the problem)
    The suspension was sorted out by fitting new shock absorbers and 1 radius arm.
    There were some creaking noise that turned out to be a gearbox mount and 1 exhaust hanger.
    I have done many more other repairs such as… new oil cooler + feedpipes, qtr light seals,dashboard veneers, new rear valance panels and many more small parts.
    Prior to buying this car I had never experienced driving an old Jag but now that all these issues had been completed I find that the driving experience far exceeds any motors that I have driven.
    I own a New Honda CRV automatic and although it does what it says on the can, it does not give you the feedback the same as my manual Jag.
    It is clear that anyone buying a cheap XJS should expect that it will require a lot of work to get it to a good standard. I have spent loads on mine but now I can concentrate on keeping it in this condition.
    It is true that they present a little more difficulty getting under the car, so I have just manufactured some extensions to my ramps.
    I am a member of the JEC and XJS club but I am looking forward to being a part of this club that concentrates on the soft top versions.
    Sorry for rambling on but I am enthusiastic about these cars.