Reply To: Lunch at Gorse Hill Restraurant – Saturday 7th October

Laurence Jones

    Just returned from today’s meet up at Gorse Hill. There were 9 Jags there plus a people carrier and a total of 19 and a baby

    Photo 970

    Photo 971
    Photo 972

    Most of us drove over in a loose convoy across from Manchester, stopping near Queensferry for a coffee and breakfast snack. The meals were excellent (as they were the last time we went to the restaurant at Gorse Hill), with all 19 of us being served our main courses within minutes of each other – no bad seeing as there were plenty of other customers there too.
    I’m no considering a final meetup/run for the end of November, as social meet up – i.e. no worries if you don’t come in a Jag or other Classic Car 🙂