Reply To: Cabriolet rear seats


    Hi John, not only can I not fit the press studs but there aren’t any! When the rear seat was fitted to mine the rear cabriolet ‘carpet board’ the one with the disclaimer badge was removed and is no longer with the car.
    The seats fit flush at top with the original vinyl rear window parcel shelf board but there is no mechanism to fit the press studs as the leather of rear seat back is now where the studs would be!
    When I bought the car it didn’t come with a hood cover and that’s probably why.

    One of the reasons why I was interested in the Lady Diana 4 seater.

    I’ve looked for the rear board in Rattan over the years but never found one in good enough condition, it’s just a fibre board covered in carpet but it is shaped in 3D so difficult to make properly.
    I do have the correct plywood box and chrome rails in the loft though, if I ever choose to put it back to a 2 seater for originality reasons.