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Vince Jones

    Thanks for the welcome .

    Just a little bit about me and then a bit about my Xjs convertible. My name is vince or most call me Vinny I live in Bridgend south wales and I’m a classic car enthusiast I love all the old cars and love going around all the classic car shows. My father always had a love for cars when I was growing up and he had all sorts of cars over the years but mostly I always remember jaguars & Daimlers with him and I think it rubbed off on me so I’ve had many classic cars & Daimlers & jaguars to over the years , I’ve got a few classics at moment like old police cars and a triumph stag etc but I’ve always loved the Jags and had a good few now but this is my first convertible jaguar .

    Now about the car I’ve only owned this xjs convertible for coming up 2 years now and didn’t really realise when I bought it maybe how rare it is and have only really started thinking about it lately . This is a 1989 model originally on a G registration but now on a private Jag registration I’m told this Jaguar Xjs Convertible is Rare because its a 3.6 full convertible 4 seater & Jaguar never made a full convertible in a 3.6 all were the V12 at the time apart from the targa top ones the xjs-c were also a 3.6 but not a full convertible and also most jaguar xjs convertibles I’m told are only 2 seats but this has back seats making this a full 4 seater . I was told that its believed jaguar sent 10 xjs cars to Banham conversions and they converted the 10 normal 3.6 xjs jaguars into full convertibles so after looking through all the paperwork I had with it I found bits & pieces in with it all in the folder and it says about banham doing some so again I tried to do some research and also asked few jaguar boys in the JEC and on some xjs forums and apparently yes there was 10 done and some said there are only 2 left so that makes this 1 and another somewhere so could be very rare to have this car in a 3.6 & with 4 seats. If anyone on here can shed some light on this and give me any info to if this is all right or not that would be great.

    I will upload some pictures of my car soon