Reply To: Welcome new Convertible member – Jeremy Horne

Jeremy Horne

    Thanks for letting me join this is my first Jaguar that I purchased at a great deal not knowing much about them and picked on for purchasing it. But since I have done some research on my jag know one is laughing at me now and I must say this thing rides and drives better than any of my other cars.

    Anyway the history so far is great I found out it was special ordered for Haywood Jeffries a former nfl wide receiver for the Houston Oilers and also played for the saints. Was inducted into the Hall of Fame before passing away in 2010

    It’s 1988 Jaguar XJS convertible ordered with a mahogany Enardi gold plated steering wheel don’t know if he ordered it or had it done later but gold plated grill, gold plated wiper arm , gold plated Hood vent and gold plated door sills it is the 12cylender auto.

    Fully loaded with full Arden body kit I have the original never used spare tire with rim and original car cover. Did have Jaguar fur type seat covers but they started deteriorating.

    That’s about all I know so far but like like to learn more about it if anyone has any info it would be great.