Reply To: Welcome new Cabriolet Member – Michael Hampton

Michael Hampton

    Hi Laurence
    Thanks for adding me to the Soft-top site.

    We wil lnot be attending the revival. We went back in the noughties and enjoyed the 3 days but spent a fortune. Goodwood does know howto relieve people of their hard earned cash – although we did enjoy ourselves to be fair! I went to one day of FofS this year and the weekend of Revival we have friends – not Jaguar or even great old car enthusiasts down to visit us.

    We do use our Cabby on long trips abroad twice so far through France to Algarve and once to the Italian Lakes and back. This September- October a shorter trip as we go to northern Spain by ferry then down into Portugal’s mountain area and eventually to the Algarve before returning rather quicker to the ferry from Bilbao to home. Being in Bognor is ideal for the ferry from Portsmouth to Spain!

    Now at 104000 miles on the car but as noted in an earlier input to this site we have a problem with the horn and will be looking for spare parts from a car being broken I suppose. also really need a new hood after 30 years as first tears have appeared where it has been under some strain particularly when folded down, which is most of the time when on the continent. We leave the targa panels in to keep the sun off our heads but the back hood down to get plenty of fresh air – great motoring!