Reply To: 1984 XJS 3.6 Manual Cabriolet – breaking for spares

Nigel Williams

    Hi Lawrence -that’s it – looks nicer than mine! How much are you after?
    Regarding the temp gauge – I fitted yours and it was intermittent, so I refitted mine which was the same….
    To cut a long story short which may help other members; it was the copper track within the plastic ‘circuit board’ which had broken where the plug goes in. I got hold of a piece of wire and spliced it into the plug end and also into the temp gauge screw (easy) and that did the trick.
    While I was fiddling around, I broke the rev counter feed too, so did the same fix.
    Incidentally, I checked both the gauges were working by applying 9v with a PP3 batters and both gave a full scale deflection which led me to look for another cause of the malfunction. Happy to keep it unless anyone else wants a temp gauge.
    Hope this helps someone else!