Reply To: 1984 XJS 3.6 Manual Cabriolet – breaking for spares

Laurence Jones

    Decision has been made to break the car for its main parts (thereby keeping other XJS on the road) and weighing in the remained for scrap (which won’t be much these days).

    * Interior, targa panels, roof, petrol tank, wheels – donated to my 1985 Cabriolet
    * 5 speed Manual Gearbox – Sold

    Other parts available include
    * Good Front Subframe with all suspension parts
    * 3.6 Engine with new clutch – £400
    * things like the rear axle, diff, brakes etc
    * Bonnet
    * Doors
    * Boot – little rusty along the bottom (which sits behind the lower boot panel)
    * Some exhaust parts

    If any of the above are of interest to anyone, or there might be a part or fitting on the car you need, then please get in touch