Reply To: Welcome to Richard Foard as a Cabriolet Member


    Thank you for the welcome,
    It took me some time because I have been in the process of getting the Jag in my name for awhile. My dad bought her in the early 2000’s, drove it for a few years and then was not able to maintain her. Unfortunately the car sat in the Arizona desert for over a decade. When i was finally able to take possession, a pack rat had moved into the engine bay, the soft top had given way to mother nature. As of today, I am waiting on an inspection of the car in order for me to title it in my name. I am still working on the process in which to attack, as of right now i am planning on pulling the engine out to i can assess, and replace and rebuild as needed and will move on from there.
    The list of obvious areas in need are:
    Wire harness,
    Fuel lines/tank,
    Brake Fluid Reservoir,
    Washer fluid reservoir,
    Rear end may need work,
    Paint/ body/ top,