Reply To: Drivablity improvement

Stig Moltu-Jacobsen

    Hi! My ECU was repaired and upgraded by AJ6 Engineering. My 1985 3.6 ran too rich and soot tended to build up somewhat over time. This was visible on the plugs and on the very ends of the exhaust tail pipes. The fuel consumption was also a bit high. After the ‘operation’ no soot builds up, the plugs are clean as are the pipes. However, I still need to adjust something, but don’t know exactly what. The car runs perfect over 2000 rpms on the highway, but a little uneven when going down a hill or around town at low rpms. I will check the ignition timing, the throttle potentiometer, the fuel pressure valve and maybe also other relevant parts. Does someone else with a 3.6 have any input ?