Reply To: Soft top cleaning and treatment

Chris Leeson

    Hello jyrki,
    I have used the renovo product for the soft top for the past six years, not the cheapest but gives me the result I am looking for. I use a good quality car wash liquid to wash the top and allow the top to dry. Remove the targas and fold down the hood then wash down the roll bar and channels and dry. I then apply the colour mine being the blue to the to the bars and channels and allow to dry. I coat the targas away from the car, reset the hood and sheet up the body of the car to protect paintwork, and colour the hood. Using the same method I apply two coats of the protective sealer allowing to dry between applications. I colour every two years and seal every year. I will also cover the interior of the car to avoid splashes on the leather, mop up any drips or runs that run down the channels particularly the colour dye. I find this keeps the car looking in top condition and if it gets wet going to shows it will just mop up.
    Have fun,
    Chris Leeson.