Reply To: Don’t Believe all you READ are TOLD & what you SEE.

Laurence Jones

    Its great that they consulted you John, and indeed were able to help.

    It’s good to keep the Register just for the 5013 Jaguar built Cabriolets, but a the same time good to see that some of the specialist built cars are still around. The distinction enables sellers and purchasers to know what they are selling and buying – folk themselves can decided on the value of the car in front on them then on the full facts.

    I’m hoping we’ll see more owners of these specialist built cars (Convertibles and Cabriolets) join the website and be active members – it will be interesting if they share similar issues with their cars as owners of Jaguar built cars do.

    I am intrigued about the tilting Targa Panels – lets see if anyone knows more details of these