Reply To: One lost Member.

Laurence Jones

    Hi John,

    It might help if I explained the process that has gone on in the background

    1/ I transferred the membership list across from the old site to this site

    2/ I deleted any Vehicle details that were obviously incorrect, such as VIN number of 123456 etc – but left the member record in place

    3/ I have then sent out a number of emails to the whole membership list, the lastest one was last night entitled “Jaguar XJS Soft Tops -One week old”

    4/ From the feedback I get, I then delete any accounts were folk have requested me to – because they are no longer interested in this site’s content. I preserve details of members accounts where there was a genuine Cabriolet recorded against them, but set the account itself as a non-participant. I will supply you with this detail in a maintainable format in due course (when I write that part of the website).

    5/ As members decide they’d like to log in and have a look around I set up their Photo Albums ready for their use.

    6/ If the member has a Cabriolet recorded against them, I put them in the Cabriolet group which gives them access to the ICR – and they appear on the ICR Members List that you see. The appear on that list in the order that they were first loaded into the website – I will look to see if I can find a way of including a date/time of when they were added to the Cabriolet Group.

      Completely New Members

    A/ Once approved I write a Welcome message on the appropraite Discussion Forum.

    – For Cabriolet members I write this on the ICR forum, and include thier Cabriolet’s VIN

    – For Convertible and other members I write this on the General Forum (these members cannot see the ICR Forum).

    To prove all rules there is always an exception, or two.

    Helge set up a new account, rather than continue with the account that was imported from the old ICR website. To handle this I deleted the old record (which wasn’t easily possible on the old site) and realigned the appropriate photo albums etc.

    The result will be that you saw Helge one day in one position in the list (old member record) then he appears today in a different postion in the list (new member record).

    Hopefully this sort of thing should happen that often once the membership has settled down.