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Jan Zgarba

    Thank you Laurence Jones Laurence Jones ‍  for adding me to your good group.


    I was making a research about Jaguar xj-s, seeking info all over internet and this page crossed my way. It took me nearly one year before I started looking for some xj-s. Needed to consider type of engine and body. I also tried to be in touch with some other owners of xj-s to ask them about their experience with them. Decision was made to find some AJ6 xj-s cabrio or more likely xj-sc. Wanted some soft top because I already have one classic with roof.

    One xj-sc was offered me just about hour way from my place in Czech rep. and it was really nice piece (black one with black interior and rear seats) but condition was not sustainable. Engine was barely running (maybe because of confirmed fuel pump malfunction) and all stern was repaired because of some recent crash (I guess). There were rusty holes on the floor but the most scariest thing for me was the front part of roof just behind the windshield- corners were rotten to dust under that canvas, which meant that after dismounting of fwd wings would probably reveal very bad news. All from this could be solved I admit but I just did not like to go this way.

    The other one was silver with blue interior without rear seats. Owner told me that there were some scratches over the left door and wing and part of frame around windshield was damaged, all due to some thunder which destroyed his big tent where his cars were standing under. I went to check that car and I must say that I was not so excited about pics he sent me but in reality I was nicely surprised. It just looked pretty well. Especially the body was very healthy with no rust. We made a deal and now I am waiting for him to bring the car here to my place, cause he is the one who has a trailer. In next few days It should be delivered to a body shop nearby and I am just starting to assemble required parts ( that part of frame around a windshield on starboard side and front hood supports).

    I will also have to resolve how to carry future kids backwards. If to find and buy some rear seats from coupe or visit a furniture maker in my vicinity and ask him to fabricate some decent seats which would not affect any mean of value and authenticity of this beautiful car. If there was someone to give me some tip, It would be highly appreciated.


    I am glad to be a part of your good group, guys.