Reply To: Instrument cluster removal issue

Guy Roelandts

Hi Laurence,

First of all sorry for being so slow to answer … been away and a bit too busy here.

In fact your acticle helped in combination with some others I found on the Jag-Lovers forums.
After having removed the cluster all I did was replacing the small bulbs by led ones, clean the copper contacts and put everything
in place again … since then I drove about 2000kms and no issues anymore.

What I still have to do is replace the bigger bulbs, the one residing behind the green domes, last I looked at it I was unable to remove
everything to gain access to them … need to take a second/closer look at it.

When I have some spare time, in the coming months maybe, I’ll try to get back to you with some comments on your procedure, to
me some comments could be added for novice people like me.