Reply To: Tickford i.d number location

Ian Mitchell

    Hi Don,

    Some ideas to narrow down your build date …

    * Apply for a Production Record Trace Certificate from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust website (cost involved). This gives you the production data of your car, including build date. It’s a nice thing to have.

    * Contact John Bleasdale on this website. He has a lot of data pertaining to these machines and is very helpful.

    * Go to and browse for your car using the 17 figure chassis number (starts with SAJ). If your car has previously been registered there you may find some useful info. If not, they give you the registered chassis numbers before and after yours. This may help you narrow down your build date.

    Also, have a look in the “Articles” section on this website for an article titled “XJ-SC Production Figures” … some good facts there!

    Good luck, Ian.