Reply To: Welcome new Cabriolet member – Jeff Fedor

Jeff Fedor

    Thank you Laurence for the nice welcome!

    I found the XJS Soft Tops Club the other day while browsing on line; could have been a link from the or other site.

    I was thrilled to find the Soft Tops Club, as the XJ-SC’s are fairly rare, so it’s great to have a website focused on these special cars.

    I’ve had my 1988 XJ-SC 5.3L Cabriolet (LHD) for around 4 years; apparently the car had only 1 or two owners and was maintained regularly and garaged kept with only 37,000 miles !  So it’s in excellent condition and runs beautifully.  I have posted a number of pictures that include an interior shot.

    The XJ-SC is not a daily driver; my wife and I enjoy taking the car on long drives out in the country or going away on weekend trips.

    I love how the car rides and almost floats over bumps; much different  than the new cars with lower profile tires. Sounds strange, but sometimes I just leave the radio off so I can hear the 12 cylinder engine purring away!

    I do have another Jag also; it is a 2004 XKR convertible with around 57,000 miles.  It has the 4.2 liter supercharged V-8 engine.  This car  is also very enjoyable to drive.  But the way it drives and handles is completely different than the XJ-SC.

    Interestingly, the targa tops on the XJ-SC had bleached out to a light tan, when they should be a chocolate brown color.  Recently I had the targa tops and the short convertible top dyed and sealed with the factory color; close to chocolate brown.  Looks much better now.

    I have the solid top for the car but I keep that up in the attic.  I like having the cloth convertible top in place because it is easy to take down when the weather is nice.

    Looking forward to seeing what the other members are up to with their cars.  In future posts, I’ll provide some details on the work that I have had done on the XJ-SC since purchasing.

    Best Regards,