Reply To: Welcome new Cabriolet member – Olaf Reimers

Olaf Reimers

    Dear Laurence,

    please excuse my late answer! I’ve had a few other things in focus in the last few weeks – not voluntarily ;o} …

    I own my XJ-SC since 1999 – saw “her” at a “flag dealer” in pouring rain and spontaneously decided to buy … oh my god! The last nearly 20 years were very expensive ones to bring it into a good condition. Last year it was repainted, coach line trim was reproduced, BBS RS 020/027 were bought and completely restored – and I bought cibié fog lights (still don’t work – I don’t know why, but I’m working on it …).

    Furthermore I got my historical “H” license plate after 30 Years since initial registration. A big advantage here in Germany, because without – no catalyst and therefore no green environmental badge – you (normally) are not allowed to drive into most cities. Besides that I’ll have to pay € 195,- vehicle tax per year instead of € 1.380,-  :o) …

    Bye for now and best regards to the XJS Soft Top Club