Reply To: Mullagh bog Jaguar XJS er turrys Ellan Vannin 2018

Jon Scales

    Sunday saw our date with the Lady Isabella (the Laxey Wheel), the largest working water wheel in the world. Thanks must go out to Manx National Heritage who allowed us to use the space just below the wheel for our cars as the car park was filling fast because of the weather – Another glorious day.

    Derek very kindly was waving the flag for the Soft Tops.

    Photo 1375

    Six cars were lined up in front.

    Front Row – John Bevan (local JEC Member and fellow Cabriolet owner), Laurence Jones and Chris Hobbs (local JEC Member and Convertible owner)

    Photo 1376

    Second Row – Gary Scott, Stephen Plummer and Jon Scales

    Photo 1377

    It was now time for lunch, so we headed down to the Mines Tavern and squeezed 7 or so cars in their compact car park. Angie at the Mines provided a very splendid BBQ, which others were asking if they could join in with, only to be told it was a private function.

    Laurence took on the Manx spirit and applied his own form of the three legs.

    Photo 1378

    Which Ever Way You Throw Us, We Will Always Land On Our Feet!