Reply To: xj-sc build.

Gerard Harings

    ….wel years ago ( when i was stil young and adonis was my midle name) ( this is not true) vannitas vannitatum omea  vannitas)i read an article about xj-sc… so overly strong ….at journalist testingday  a fine specimen of the Britisch writing motoring press  ( don’t get offenciff you find them al over the world)  ( remember porsche 918)  put the onley driveble xj-sc in a side banking …only damage fender and richt headlicht… people  thought off a total los….not at al the day afther same car at the circuit agane….. double metal sheet sils and double metal sheet rear vallances….i put my 1986 xj-sc  3.6 manual on a scale and the weigh was 1995 kg ( do not know how many gas was in it ) 4398 and sommething pounds…..