Reply To: Replacing Front Quater light window rubber


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    When replacing the door Qtr light seal you have to consider the condition of the window support.  The window support plate attaches to the door by 2 screws and usually they are very corroded depending on the condition of the seal.  They are a rare item to find in good condition, even from a breakers yard.  The one in the picture is the drivers side panel and you will see it is shaped to the contour of the door.  I was lucky and managed to get the last 2 from grub locker.  This one is pitted but can be reused.  Fortunately the rust is only confined to this piece and not the door frame, mainly because it sits on a bed of mastic.  To complete the qtr light seal replacement took me about an hour and this includes taking off the door card. A little more time was given to applying wax oil to the door inner panels.