Reply To: Saving Pawla

Laurence Jones

    I’m really pleased to say that work is starting on bringing Pawla back to health at my local Independent Jaguar Garage, where I know they will take great care of her.

    I’ve managed to pull together enough funds to enable all the main strategic work to be undertake in one go – sills all round, rear quarter and front quarter repairs, front brake discs and callipers and bits, lots of bushes all around the various suspension parts….

    The front cross-frame is badly rusted in one area, which could I guess have been repaired. However I fortunately hadn’t sold on the remains of my donor cabriolet – sorry Richard Collins you almost had her. We’re therefore going to be able to utilise the front cross-member from the donor car which is in pretty good shape.

    I’ll add some pictures over the next few weeks as work progresses.