Reply To: XJS-C Hood Louvers

David Wardale

    Hello Russ,

    One of the best things about car ownership is the way we can make changes to the appearance. You and I approached the “heat soak” problem with the same idea, but the results look completely different! As long as we are both happy – we win!

    Perhaps next summer you can drive west on I-80 to Greenville, Pa. (where I live)  We have an annual car show called “Heritage Days”.  Then I will get to actually see another Cabriolet.  My own car is the only one I have ever seen, believe it or not- then we can compare notes properly.

    You have a good-looking cabbie- is it black? Looks great with no dust.  I know because I have an old black pickup- hard to keep clean!

    As an afterthought- I added an adjustable thermostat to my electric fan, so it would run for a while after shut-down. Did you do something similar?

    Regards across the State,