Reply To: New Old Stock

Gerard Harings

…..goodmorning Mark Thorley

Well all things wear…… are driving your car on a regular basis…or not  that dos not matter.

It will wear, one day in the future it wil be time for a restoration. Then you go to your attic or basement or treasure chamber…. and all the parts you hordet  wil come in handy and it wil make the restoration a lot cheaper and most of all you don”t have to go on a safari loking for parts  that are nowhere to be found and if you find them being there weight  worth in gold…..


Your car gets older you take good care of here and she gets older in style a little spot a small scratch… comes  with life, enjoy your drive an you wil grow on each ohter .

And over the years  she tels you a story: a story af here life thad only you know , because you were there…..well only my thoughts  have a nice newyears evening

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