Reply To: Welcome new Enthusiast member – John May

John May

    Thanks for the welcome Laurence, and I have now added a few photos of my Cabriolet. I actually own three Jags, a new F-Pace, a 1967 3.4 Mk2 and this lovely XJS which I bought in April 2017. I decided that my only open top motoring from now on would be in a classic, and this fitted the bill. I suggested to my wife that we sell the MK2 to pay for the XJS, but she would have none of that, as she like the MK2 so much. So I had to keep both!

    Body wise it is in good condition with only one bit of filler work left rear wing bottom, and everything else waxoyled and in pretty good nick for a 32 year old car with 48k Miles on the clock. Only issue I have to tackle now is the famous XJS petrol smell in the boot, about which many sagas have been written on line, and I hope I have learned from those and know exactly what I need to do now. I will let you know if and when I fix it and how!

    I was pointed to this club by Ray Taylor, a fellow member of the local Jaguar Drivers Club, who also joined this forum a few months ago.