Laurence J : Laurence's 1990 Convertible

      Photo 1964
      Car Details
      • Convertible
      • "Claret"

      • Beige with Magnolia seats

      • 1990
      • 4.0
      • Jaguar
      • 2015
      • Unknown - please complete
      • here
      • United Kingdom

      This 1992 car was kind of a hybrid model externally when I bought it, being a Facelift model but with the pre-facelift chrome bumpers. This was modified (see below) to ensure the car looked the proper facelift model it is.

      Restoration Work

      Following my purchase in 2018 the car underwent an in depth restoration, to ensure there were no lurking rust areas etc. The car was then stripped, filled, primed and resprayed


      The modification carried out on this car was to correct the exterior look, which had pre-facelift bumpers on a facelift car (all interior and rear lights were facelift model).

      Photo 1963
      Hybrid exterior

      This photo shows the car as it was when I bought it in 2015, with the pre-facelift bumpers.

      As there was quite a bit of restoration work involved the decision was taken to get the car looking like a proper facelift XJS, to match all the interior etc. It required acquiring replacement wings and facelift bumpers (I bought a donor car for this), along with some brackets to be fabricated.

      The whole car was then primed and resprayed.