Howard Greenman : Howard's Cabriolet

      Photo 2070
      Car Details
      • Cabriolet
      • Silver Birch

      • Tan

      • 1987
      • 3.6
      • Jaguar
      • 2023
      • Chippenham
      • Wiltshire
      • United Kingdom

      I bought my XJS Cabriolet in March 2023. I have owned a number of Series 2 XJ6s and XJ12s over the years aswell as a Triumph Vitesse convertible, Daimler Super V8, TVR Chimaera and Lotus Elan M100.

      My first love was always Jaguar however, so although I hadn’t readily considered an XJS Cabriolet I was arrested by this one when I saw it for sale

      Restoration Work

      I’m due to have the car fully rustproofed by South West Rustproofing in October 2023.

      Currently, October 2023, the car has a small power steering leak, which I'm hoping to get fixed soon.