Site News : Spring Clean 2017

Well I decided to do a little spring cleaning of the Club Website, even though in October 2017 it is very much a mix of Autumn and Winter weather here in the UK – indeed the clocks go back 1 hour tonight as we finish British Summer Time.

Menus on the side

It has been flagged to me by a few members that they found it very difficult to view the website on a Mobile Phone or a Tablet (iPad rather than medicinal), so I’ve taken a look and think I’ve found the main cause. When I set up the site in January 2017 I created a design that had the content on a page taking up about 3/4 or the screen, with 1/4 of the screen reserved for additional menus. Whilst this looks pretty good on a computer (PC or Mac) it in fact looked pretty rubbish on a Phone/Tablet as all the menu buttons ended up displaying themselves over the top of the webpage content.

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Article Published : 28th October 2017
Article written by : Laurence Jones