Site News : New Club, New website, new home


It is the start of December 2016 and work has commenced on a new website  РXJS Soft Tops.

This new website is being developed to incorporate the XJS International Cabriolet Register website, which is for Jaguar built XJS Cabriolets, and expand the scope to include other various of XJS Soft Top models – Convertibles (Jaguar and non-Jaguar built models) and non-Jaguar built Cabriolets – including one off specials.

It will serve as the website for our new Club – The XJS Soft Tops Club

The need for this site has arisen due to the design and functionality limitations imposed on the original IRC website (by the website host/provider) and other unresolvable technical issues – such as the inability for members to request new passwords (or even for the Admistrator to reset passwords).¬† In addition there have been incidences of site content and member messages and posts going missing, and even historical user content just ‘vanishing’ (OK it must be there somewhere but the website hosts don’t allow developer access to facilitate its recovery).

Over the coming weeks and months I will be working on adding additional functions, features and information (articles related to XJ-SC Cabriolets and XJS Convertibles), that I hope will extend the appeal of the site and importantly the member experience of using the site Рmy aim continues to be to provide a site that encourages  regular repeat visits from its Club Members.

Thanks for your support – Laurence

Article Published : 1st December 2016
Article written by : Laurence Jones