Story of how an XJS Convertible was acquired

Story by Paul Newman
I thought XJS Soft Tops Club members might be interested to read a short article on how I acquired my 1995 4 litre AJ16 XJS Convertible – M32 MDU.
Well, it all happened two years ago. My son told me he was buying a new car. I manage his accounts so he got me to transfer a significant amount of funds to a private individual in the Cotswolds.


The Cotswolds is an area of beautify countryside in south central and south west of England and comprises of theCotswold Hills, which are a range of rolling hills that rise from the meadows of the upper Thames to an escarpment, known as the Cotswold Edge, above the Severn Valley and Evesham Vale.
Within the Cotswolds are the historical towns of Broadway, Bourton-on-the-water, Chipping Sodbury, Moreton-in-Marsh and many more. Passing through the cotswolds you see many ‘chocolate box’ houses set in peaceful rolling countryside

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Article Published : 29th November 2020
Article prepared by : Paul Newman