XJS Hood colours.

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      One for Laurence I have just received a question from an American Convertible owner, Was Red ever used as a hood colour on an XJS Convertible LHD or RHD.?
      Evidently there is one shown on the front of “Jaguar XJS” by Paul Skilleter. I have searched all the photographs on XJSDATA no sign of Red.
      Any one know?

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi John,

      I’ve not come across any red hoods being on offer for the XJS convertible, so I’ve taken a look at the Paul Skilleter book you mention

      Photo 629

      That photo shows to me what looks like the Tan roof, not red. The an almost exact example belongs to a Hess & Eisenhardt version of the XJS Convertible – it appears in their advertising literature (all be it from a different angle with a glider behind it).

      Photo 630

      I think I have seen other examples with the Tan hood, but not Red.


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        Thanks Laurence I will tell her to go to spec savers,

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      Mark Thorley

      The design of the two Hoods illustrated look different to me. One has a more wrapped round shape in the rear quarter window area resulting in the hiding of the little bodywork triangle to the bottom left of the glass. Personally I really don’t like the look of the bottom Hood at all, looks rather cumbersome compared to the top cars hood which looks more sleek.
      According to the Parts catalogue official Convertible hoods were offered in Black, Blue and Brown and interestingly they also made what is listed as a hood cover for transit use which was in Jaguar Green. This transit hood looks like a full Hood without a rear window panel at all, just entirely material. Has anyone ever seen one of these or even possess one? ( cannot see anything similar for the Cabriolet)

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      The transit hood were / are like gold dust I tried to get the one from my XK8 Convertible but it had dissapeard long time ago
      As you drove into Browns Lane and headed towards JDHT and looked to the right 100’s of them fitted to XK8’s awaiting shipment.
      Years earlier it would have been XJS Convertibles can’t recall them on the Cabriolet.

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      Mark Thorley

      Oh well at least you tried, never give up though, sometimes the impossible is possible:-)

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      Chris Leeson

      It looks to me like they are two different cars. The top one indicates that it is a facelift convertible as the driver door  does not show a quarter light to the front of the door, the rear light looks more like the facelift model.

      The bottom pic shows more like the HE style pre facelift.


      Chris Leeson, (facelift Cabriolet J685 CEV).

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Chris

      I think I read somewhere that he early Hess and Eisenhardt XJS Convertibles had the little quarter light, and the Jaguar built ones had the full glass window without the quarter light.

      I quite possibly am wrong – but I’d be interested to hear any information anyone has.


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      Yes the top one looks as if it is a 1993 facelift model as it has a K registration. The bottom one is probably from the US as it looks to be LHD and has the large direction indicators. I wonder if it was a non factory fit soft top conversion?


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      The celebration version could be delivered with a burgundy hood colour.

      Photo 1215 does not exist

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      Photo 1216 does not exist

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