Which Fuse and Relay controls the blower motors

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      Hi Robin

      I have a question please. What fuse and relay works the blower motors. This is one bit of info I cant find.


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      Hi Dave Jones

      Not worked on aircon myself though one of my fans is a little noisy so maybe I should.

      Had a look in the Jag manuals and the fuse for “Airconditioning Motors” is in the Main Fuse Box near steering wheel on RHD cars. Fuse No 10 and it’s a 10Amp.

      Photo 1003

      Aircon Blower relay seems to be inside side panel of centre console as per Jag workshop manual pic/discription below. Im not familiar so cannot confirm if just the one relay – obviously two motors though.

      Photo 1004

      I believe both are correct for 1985 & 1987 versions of the aircon. (FYI there is also a thermal fuse under bonnet on front of RH wing valance according to book but not sure if for blower motors or not)

      Regards, Robin

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      NB. Obviously I transposed the two pics!

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      Thanks again Robin I’d been checking a separate fuse list. I’ve had a proper look now & there are 4/5 fuses missing on the list but all showing in my hand book. David.

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