Where to replace Cabriolet rear hood

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      Douglas Hall

        Hello all,

        I have a 1988 US Cabriolet. My rear folding soft top is intact, but in poor condition. It is faded, coming apart at the seams, and the window is opaque. The metal frame of the top is OK, it needs a good cleaning and buffing with the top removed. But the frame is OK. I would like to find a new fabric soft top. The T-Tops are in solid condition, but faded. I sprayed them with black top dye but they just drank it up and it didn’t help the looks very much.

        Fortunately, I do have a garage that I have been able to keep it in for the 5 years I have owned it.

        Thanks, if you have any information about the soft tops.

        Douglas Hall

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        Laurence Jones

          Hello Douglas

          I know of a company in Scotland who do this as a replacement service – that you install yourself on the car – BAS International


          Hopefully a member closer to you can recommend somewhere.


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