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      Mark Thorley

        Whilst browsing through the Jaguar Genuine Parts Catalogue i came across a section entitled XJS History by Numbers. It lists key models by Chassis number and it got me thinking whether the following vehicles were still in existence and if so, which part of the World. These are :-
        1. First V12 Cabriolet Vin 113085
        2. First 3.6 Cabriolet Vin 108026
        3. Last V12 Cabriolet Vin 148574
        4. Last 3.6 Cabriolet Vin 144591
        5. First Convertible JDHT Owned Vin 140952
        6. First V12 Convertible Vin 147269
        7. Last V12 Convertible JDHT Owned Vin 148574
        8. First 4.0 Convertible Vin 184574
        9. Last 4.0 Convertible JDHT Owned Vin 226644

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        John Bleasdale

          Well Mark not off to a good start 113085–Second Production 5.3 Cabriolet built to US spec.
          Jaguar Cars Company Car.Not located in over 20 years.I doubt if it is still alive and well.
          Better luck with the second one Vin 108026 was the first 3.6 which was destroyed along with the next 7.
          not a production car.
          Vin 148574 is not the Vin of a Cabriolet.
          Vin 144591 Last 3.6 Cabriolet built and the last “3.6 Automatic”

          No idea about the Convertibles that’s over to Laurence.

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          Mark Thorley

            Thanks Bleasie for that information, I like a bit of Trivia now and then. Vin 148574 is definitely showing as a V12 Cabriolet in the parts manual however I forgot to originally state it shows as JDHT Owned if that has any bearing on it?
            Regards the first 3.6 Cabriolet and the following 7, what’s the story behind their destruction? Were they used in testing etc?

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              Most interesting, were eight cabs sacrificed by Tickford or Jaguar in getting the original design right?
              Mr Bleasie please let us know – I too love the rare facts about cabriolets..


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              John Bleasdale

                Well will try to answer both of you in the one reply
                Mark I can again assure you 148574 is not a Cabriolet–Vin 148594is the last Cabriolet built and was owned by JDHT until they had their clearcut a few years ago at Silverstone Auctions,
                The early Cabriolets from Body number one were as you suggested used for testing etc the earliest to survive being Body # 005 but as Body numbers don’t run consecutively it was in fact the 9th car built & to date 25 years later on since I created the Data Base nothing earlier has shown up/
                The cars used by Tickford in designing the Cabriolet were old stock V 12’s Coupes with rear seats & safety belts.

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                Mark Thorley

                  Thanks for that detailed information:-) i don’t doubt you for a minute and so it appears an error has been made in the Jaguar Parts Catalogue-(eBay item number 332230177416 and only £14.90 delivered )
                  regarding Vin 148574 as it is clearly there in print on page 149.
                  The parts book has been a great point of reference because it shows parts in their component order of assembly and makes stripping down/rebuilding much easier to understand

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                  Richard Salt

                    Hi Mark,
                    I was unable to find this parts catalogue on eBay – can you give me a bit more detail?

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