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      Laurence Jones

      Welcome Simon

      Thank you for joining as a Cabriolet Member of the XJS Soft Tops Club, I hope you find your membership interesting – feel free to participate in any past or future discussion topics.

      Glad to see you will be joining us at the JLR Classic Works event in September.

      You have two Membership Photo Albums, these can be found via the Main Menu ==> My Account ==> My Photos. It would be great if you could add a photo or two of your Cabriolet for all members to see.

      Please reply to this topic and tell us how you discovered our Club and a little about your own XJ-SC Cabriolet and your general enthusiasm and interest the XJS Soft Top models.


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      Thank you Laurence.

      Hello all!

      My Cabriolet was made in 1987 and is a rare bird. A 3.6 litre with an auto gearbox. One of 103 or 108 made ever depending on where read. It’s Tungsten Grey, Blue hood and Saville Grey interior. Quite a timeless colour combo, and a credit of choice to its first owner.

      On the subject of the first owner, it was the flamboyant pioneer of TV cookery, Mr. Keith Floyd. It seems he owned it for 3 years from 1987 until part exchanging it for a white Bentley Eight from the same dealer in Bristol from where he bought the Jaguar. The XJS appears in a 1988 episode of Floyd on Britain and Ireland where ‘Floyd visits his old school in Wellington, Somerset. It’s also mentioned in two of his books.

      I have owned it since 2002 and, truth be told, not driven it very much. I’ve done approx 6,000 miles. Though through a change of work I intend to enjoy it a lot this year.

      Apologies if that’s a bit more than a little info about the car 🙂



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      I should add, I’ve always been a fan of the XJS. Must be about the decade I was born in. A little twist of fate put me in the driving seat of ‘Floydy’ when it was for sale. Only learning of its first owner after the test drive. It was the icing on the cake for me having been an avid watcher of Floyds programmes in the 80’s. He made it cool for boys to like cooking when home economics still had something of an ermmm ….. stigma?

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Simon

      Wow, the only interesting owner my Cabriolet has had is me…. Oh well maybe one day.

      You have a long drive to reach any of the planned Social Events, but I am hoping to hold one later in the year near Bristol (which might be do-able for you). I’m hoping to get to see the SS Great Briton again so might be able to combine that with a meet up.

      Otherwise I guess it will have to wait till September to meet you face-to-face at the JLR Classic Works Event.


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