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      Laurence Jones

      Welcome Mark

      Thank you for joining as a Cabriolet Member of the XJS Soft Tops Club, I hope you find your membership interesting – feel free to participate in any past or future discussion topics.

      You have two Membership Photo Albums, these can be found via the Main Menu ==> My Account ==> My Photos. It would be great if you could add a photo or two of your Cabriolet for all members to see.

      Please reply to this topic and tell us how you discovered our Club and a little about your own XJ-SC Cabriolet and your general enthusiasm and interest the XJS Soft Top models.


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      Mark Spillane

      Picked up my car today finally! Drove it to the mechanics for an initial once over.

      I’m already loving it even though it needs a looooot of work.

      Interesting car.

      Vin says it’s a XJS HE Couoe – built in 1982, delivered in 1983 in Glasgow, and it has a soft top. I assume this car is a very early factory Cabriolet.

      It has the roof cross member and the rear windows don’t move. It has rear seats.

      Any thoughts ? How early did they build these?

      Going to fully restore the car – here we go!

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Mark

      Whilst it’s true that all the Jaguar built Cabriolet’s started life on the factory floor as Coupes they were all registered as Cabriolets – we have the range of VIN Numbers for these.

      A number of companies converted Coupes themselves into early Convertible and some as Cabriolets (using Jaguar parts).

      I’d be interested to see some photos of your car, and see what we can find out for you about its history.



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