water in the back of the car

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      Christopher Farlow

        Hi everyone,

        Not sure if this a technical question However a few have said mine does the same?  but no one can tell where it comes from or how to fix it ?

        My xjs-c 1985 : The compartments in the back fill with water quite a sizeable puddle (both sides) not just damp. I don’t as a rule drive the car in the wet and it doesn’t happen when I wash the car, tried the hose on it but no water getting in . Unable to see where its coming from? Some one told me it does it on there XJS as well and its a coupe! (so not necessary the hood)

        Thanks for reading this

        CW Farlow


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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Christopher

          This was happening on my XJ-SC and the cause was the two rear window seals. The water was getting in around the window and running down the inside of the bodywork and filling up the locker boxes with water.

          As soon as I replaced the rubbers on the two rear window seals the locker boxes have remained dry – and mine does go out in the rain 🙂



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