Total ignition shut down – 5.3 V12

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      Laurence Jones

        Had total ignition shut down last night on my 5.3 V12 after being stuck in motorway crawling traffic for an hour. Managed to pull onto hard shoulder. Embarrassing.

        Seems everything under the bonnet got too hot for something and it shut down (water temp was fine). Engine recovered life after 5 minutes.

        Pretty sure it’s not fuel related as the car restarted on the button, with no cranking at all required – also we’ve just had the surge tank filter and fuel filters all changed.

        We successfully completed the remainder of the 300 mile journey down from Manchester to Eastbourne without issue

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        Alex Finlay

          Almost certainly the ignition module (small black box mounted on top of the left hand inlet manifold at rear). Pouring cold water on it can help revive it a bit quicker but they also often just fail completely. The module inside can be replaced separately (actually a GM part). Kirby Palm’s book has a big section on it. I’ve done two in my car over 10 years, last time was about 6 years ago but the one before that only lasted about 18 months. I carry a spare box in the car for that reason.

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