The Elusive Number.

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      John Bleasdale

        Most Cabriolet’s have that elusive number that is not recorded anywhere in the Archives at JDHT.
        I was told many years ago that it was the Body Number.
        But as we all know that starts either 5Y00 or 5V00 and is well hidden under the rear bumper. It does not relate to the number off the Line.
        So what is it / was it for. Have you worked out which number I mean? I bet most of you have never seen it.
        When I ask most Owners they say there isn’t one, then a few days later Oh I have found it.
        Yes that’s the one in the rain gutter of the Boot / Trunk. Left hand side Fwd of rear lights.
        I was told by a man who worked on the production line at the time. was Curator of Vehicles JDHT that there was a little man who looked after the body shells & that he stamped them, and it was his way of stock taking.?
        So if you can locate it. Please get in touch or if you have another version Of why it’s there feel free.

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