Royal Windsor Jaguar Parade

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      Trevor Kent

        What a day for Jag (and to a lesser extent Daimler) fans. 1200 from a 1929 Swallow to the very latest rocket machines. About 950 of them were parked up along The Long Walk in Windsor Great Park – quite a sight! Another 250 were arranged by JEC invitation into rough timeline and every conceivable variation, in Windsor Castle’s Household Cricket Ground. At 11 o/c Windsor High Street was closed and the glorious 250 drove past cheering crowds, then in to Windsor Castle grounds and up to the Royal Courtyard where Prince Edward ensconced on a dais with other dignitaries smiled and waved approval. The whole shindig was organised by JEC and profits go to Prince Phillip’s Trust fund! A few softies chosen for the parade held our end up, but many more seen on The Long Walk.

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        John Bleasdale

          I suspect a lot of help came from Jaguar Cars in one way or another. I did of course spot the oldest Cabriolet in existence being searched by armed police but never spotted another So you you were there then Trevor.

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          Trevor Kent

            Hi Bleasie,

            I was indeed there but by invitation to the parade in my other, as they were short of a Daimler V8 so my 1966 obliged!

            All the best.


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