Rear Window seals for a 1986 XJ-SC V-12

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      Richard Hartwell

        I am looking for a source for the rear fixed side window seals for my 86 V-12 SC along with my 85 and 86 euro model 6 cylinder version SCs. Any help would be appreciated.

        I am located in South Florida, USA

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          Hi Richard,

          Just a courtesy reply as I’m in the UK and to be honest don’t remember seeing these available anywhere here or in Europe recently. Haven’t seen any new ones on eBay either only the front quarter light seals.

          These BAC7743 – LH & BAC7742 – RH aren’t available from Jag Heritage nor Targa panel seals..

          I’ll keep an eye open and if you find a source let me know as a useful item for future resprays..

          Most seals tend to be standard profiles cut & bonded to shape/length so I suppose possible to get batch made up worst case?

          Regards, Robin – Cheltenham, England

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          Paul Forse

            Hi , I am also looking for the same seals , both sides . Paul 07888762068

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            John Bleasdale

              Hi Guys
              These seals have not been available for many years possibly 7 or 8 years ago in conjunction with JAGUAR CLASSIC PARTS I tried to get these and the early 3.6 header tanks re produced but the amount that were required to make the price acceptable was fat too many, so the plan was scrapped

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              Stephen J. Niznik

                I have done an international search and there are none available as far as I could find. I am going to be making a set for my rear quarter light glass. If there is a need I will make as many sets as I can get buyers for. Members can let me know what they would be worth to them and I can assess the cost in material and time and move forward as the circumstances guide me.

                Stephen J. Niznik
                Also a member in long standing 12 years +/- at Jag.lovers

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                John Bleasdale

                  Hi Stephen are you able to obtain the correct profile rubber, That was another problem I had, I managed to get a pair from a scrap car as a sample but could not find a supplier. To date most owners get the XJS ones & cut them to fit then super glue them back together.

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