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      Hi Laurence

      Is it possible to show member location in the forum profile shown left of discussion topics. Just with such a mixed membership it’s easy to reply thinking member is UK based to find they are in USA or mainland Europe.
      (The ‘Profile’ when ‘clicked’ doesn’t seem to tell me anything much either about location or car ownership – but maybe that’s just me)
      Just that to be helpful in any reply really need to know where based, what car model, what year/vin etc..

      Just a thought, I appreciate you have plenty to keep you occupied even without the Forum! Thanks for all your efforts..

      Regards, Robin

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Robin

      Thanks for your input.

      It’s difficult to add information alongside the topic/reply discussion because there is little room to do so and hard to decide what to add and what not to.

      However, what I can do is have a look at enhancing the Profile Page that you route to when you click on the member’s link.

      I’ve some ideas, but will give it some thought 🙂


Viewing 1 reply thread
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