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      I popped in to day to check out what’s been happening while I have been away. First thing I notice 123 Members, which means 2 have signed up since I last looked.

      So I have to search 4 pages to try & find them not easy the way date is displayed. The first one was a new Cabriolet.
      It would be much easier if the list of members automaticaly went to Latest first, this would make it much easier for others looking for new members.


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      Laurence Jones

      Hi John,

      The functionality you’re seeking is already in place. If I could just remind you, if you click on the column header 1st it will sort the whole member list with the newest members at the top by their date of joining.


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      Cheers Laurence
      I have in the past tried all along the row and that one never did anything.

      However it has brought a Mike Gregson Vin 119411 which you will know is not a Cabriolet?
      I have asked him to re check.
      Bill Hudd has a new cabbie by the way

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      Hi Laurence
      When you go to list of members it shows 127 but now if you click 1st it show 60+
      it leaves out all the ones without a date I have tried numerous times can’t get it to show the full list last first

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      Seems to be working sort of now shows 67 at the top of both pages which is 134.
      Not sure what you have done but navigation round the site was much easier a couple of days ago.

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi John,

      If you recall the 1st joined date was only introduced about a month after the site went live, so not all the members details had that field populated. I’ve just spent a happy couple of hours going through the member’s data and have back-populated that field. Therefore whenever the sort is undertaken for any of the fields on the page no members disappear now from the displayed view.

      The list count now shows 126 (I’ve removed my test account from the list), that’s 125 Cabriolet Members and 1 administrator (Robin) which can’t be removed.



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      Firstly nice to see things back to normal on the home page, well done,
      This now working ok I did think I was cracking up when most had a date added last night when I working on it.

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