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      Russ Cramer

        Attention new  XJS-C owners!

        As a long time ( 29 yrs. ) owner of a Jaguar XJS there is one thing that everyone should always be keenly aware of, cracks developing  in the short  hoses leading from the fuel rail to the fuel injectors.  I didn’t pay attention to the fact that they dry out and crack, until one day while driving  my engine caught fire and burned off all the wiring in the engine compartment before the flames could be extinguished.  The insurance company wrote off my Jag as a total loss,  I bought it back and spent a considerable amount of money (more than the insurance company  paid) getting it back on the road.  I’m sure that the extreme heat generated within the engine compartment after shutting the engine down after a long run contributes to the fact that  fuel hoses dry out and crack.  Installing hood louvers allows this  heat to escape and now that I’m aware of the potential problem I am always inspecting the condition of these short hoses.  I WOULD SUGGEST YOU DO AS WELL.

        Russ Cramer, Pocono Manor, Pa.



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          Hi Russ,

          Is your car a V12 as they dry out quicker than the straight 6.  As you say it is still important to check these out. Mine is a Straight 6 and one of my 2018 jobs is to change fuel, cooling and breather pipes where needed.



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          Russ Cramer

            Hi Alan
            In response to your question, yes my XJS-C is a V-12 circa 1986. It now has a total of 178,000 miles on it, despite the engine fire. The entire engine bay was a disaster from the flames requiring a lot of work. Along with rewiring the car after the fire, I changed the intake system to the “Growler” intake, along with 1″ heavy-duty anti-sway bars front and rear, and a Super-X large bore 1 3/4″ SS exhaust system. These changes are probably not everyone cup of tea, but they sure make the Jag run/drive better than ever, albeit with a bit more bark!
            Thanks for the question.

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            Gerard Harings

              Goodevening in the  neighborhood there was a big jaguar lambo masserati rolls and bentlly dealer. Every jaguar he sold first got the radiator replaced by a company thad made radiators  for al kind of cars. The jag’s got a bigger core and thy lookt oem…..mever heating ….not to talk about overheating….wanne know more….ask….( jaguars don’t  dei…thy get killed….


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