Creaking / Stiff Hood Hinges

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      Steve Bailey

      after a few months in storage I found that hood operation was extremely erratic…. noisy / juddering … after some manual assistance it made it all the way down and then back again and then after a few more operations it improved somewhat. My question is what’s your experience in finding a fix for this and is it application of a special grease on the various hinges or something else ? many thanks Steve ( new member 2 days in ! )

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Steve

      Sorry no one has replied to your message sooner.

      I came across this problem with my convertible last year when getting it out of storage (it had got condensation damp) and everything was very stiff. I sprayed every visible hinge/joint with WD40 and down into as much of the concealed mechanism as I could – then spent a happy time raising and lowering the roof, initially with hand assistance, until everything loosened up (kept the engine running as guessed I’d soon flatten the battery).

      Hope that helps,


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