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      Laurence Jones

      For sale on eBay

      BrownJaguar XJS Cabriolet Tonneau Cover

      This is described as New old stock

      Search for item number 222522840567


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      Thats an absolute bargain the postage charge is high but many do that so as not to lose commission on everything. The hood is off a car that was recently for sale at Robert Hughes so should be in good condition.The last good one in Black fetched £100.00 4 years ago.

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      Just to show I read the posts – Ebay have been charging its 10% sale fees on total sale price including any postage for several years now.
      You could always arrange your own courier for £10 ish via any web agent like Parcelmonkey / Parcelto go – even for UPS.. (most sellers don’t mind just havn’t a clue about post/courier costs so go high)


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      Mark Thorley

      I’m not familiar enough to say for certain but my own suspicion is that this particular cover may have been an aftermarket item and not genuine factory. My reason for thinking this is that there were no press stud fasteners or similar on it, just a sewn in Velcro strip. My own cover does have press studs and I assume is factory original. The parts book also shows press studs were fitted.
      What are your covers like? With fasteners? Or just a Velcro strip? Maybe both types were supplied………?

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        Hi Robin
        Great to know there is another Anorak in the group.I can not find the link to the advert but I am sure the advert said the hood had never been used / fitted which is the clue as to why it did not have press studs fitted.
        As you correctly say new hoods came with a box of studs & dealerships were supplied with the tool for fitting them.
        As the new cars were delivered they were sent into the workshop to have them fitted [not the type of job that could be done on the production line too time consuming]
        Nice to know some one else knows about Happich & Fosters as I understand it these have not been available for many years & certainly not in the three colours.
        There are a few new “ODD” Targa Panels available matching pairs have not been available for a long time.
        Keep up the good work “Woodsmoke”
        Regards Bleasie.

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      I bought mine brand new in year 2000 from David Manners for £25.00 – they were selling surplus stock in black from Jaguar and it seemed too good to miss!
      Mine came with the fasteners in the huge box but not actually fitted. So you match your specific car and hood I assume. Also for anoraks like me – there are two versions/part numbers as with the cab hood and targa panels – Happich & Fosters – both are slightly different cloth weaves.

      Regards, Robin

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      Mark Thorley

      Great information on the topic, just what this Forum is for. Thanks

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      Try looking for “Mean & Roofless” they are out there in Cyberspace full of useful information,

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      Mark Thorley

      Much faster and easier if someone else does the work for you John 🙂

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